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About us

Ergobud is a new and highly innovative company which focuses both on employing new technologies and introducing internal and external ring beam fittings. Our concrete-gravelite reinforced ring beam fittings are considered a well-grounded investment which guarantees solutions in the field of innovative constructions and makes any construction durable and economical.
Ergobud has patented the fittings which makes this company an unquestionable leader on a European scale in the field of completing ring beam constructions.

Reinforced concrete and prefabricated ring beam fittings are patented in Patent And Trademark Office - application numbers: W.113293 and W.113294. The ring beam fittings have KZE (internal) and KWE (external) trademarks and an industrial specimen WP-7547.

Current information

Stropex is the first company to have signed a cooperation deal with Ergobud Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw, which is a pioneer in completing ring beam constructions. According to the deal, Stropex will implement the technologies and commence producing internal and external ring beam fittings (KZE / KWE).

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